Employee Self Service Status

If you login to portal and you do NOT see options to view your pay stub, check the Employee Self Service Status below for a message. If ESS is offline for running payroll, viewing pay information is DISABLED. Do NOT call the help desk or open a ticket when ESS is down for maintenance.

Employee self service is enabled.

General Information

Dear Touro Employees,

We have recently upgraded our Lawson system. The first time you connect to this system, you must change your password.

You will be asked a series of questions that only you know the answers to. Be SURE to use all punctuation as given in the samples, like slashes for dates and hypens for SSN's. You have three tries to answer the questions correctly, or your account will be locked out and require the Help Desk to reset your password manually.

Once you have answered the questions correctly, you’ll be given your new Lawson Portal Password for Employee Self Service and, for NOEH employees, your network id and password. Use this new password to login to Lawson Portal and then use the Password Change function to change the password to something more meaningful to you.

For instructions to guide you through the password change, please click here.

If you are a TOURO employee Click here begin the process of obtaining your lawson password.

If you are a NOEH employee Click here begin the process of obtaining your lawson password.

If you have already obtained your new password click here to login to Lawson Portal.

Employees who use the Lawson Requisition Center should be able to use the EXACT SAME id and password as before this update. Employees who use the Lawson Performance Management are NOT affected by this change AT ALL. LPM id and passwords are not affected.

If you need additional Lawson password assistance, please contact the Help Desk at extension 7911. Inform them you are trying to use the Employee Self Service or Requisition Center so they can reset the correct id.