Employee Self Service Status

Employee Self Service is currently down for maintenance.


Employee Self Service is unavailable because it is Tuesday or Wednesday and payroll is being processed.

When you access Lawson to use Employee Self Service while payroll is being run, you will not see any of the items you normally use to access your information.
After the payroll has been completed Wednesday or after maintenance is complete Employee Self Service will again become available.
When Employee Self Service is being stopped / started, you will also see a message box indicating that portal updates have been downloaded.
Please, do not open any help desk tickets pertaining to this situation.

General Information


This portal will allow you to connect to the LAWSON Financial system.

The EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE allows the employees to view or update their own employee data and pay information . Employees that use the requisitioning function will have extra link for that function. Managers will also have an extra link to get the Manager Self Service.

Employee Self Service (ESS) / Manager Self Service (MSS):
1) The very first time you connect to the this portal, you must obtain your ESS id/password.
2) You will be asked a series of questions that only you know the answers to.
Be SURE to use all punctuation as given in the samples, like slashes and leading zeroes for dates, hyphens for SSN's.
3) You have three tries to answer the questions correctly, or your account will be locked out and require the Help Desk to reset your password manually.
4) Once you have answered the questions correctly, you’ll be given your new Lawson Portal User ID and Portal Password for Employee Self Service.
The screen will also display your Touro network userid and Touro network password.
5) Use this new password to login to Lawson Portal. Immediately upon first login in,
please use the Password Change function and change your password to something more meaningful to you.

To begin the process of obtaining your new password click here

For instructions to guide you through the password change, please click here.

The portal will allow only authorized users access to the financial application that include GL, AP, HR, Payroll, and Procurement. These users will be issued separate IDs to get into the applications. These IDs will be different from their employee self service ID.

If you have your Lawson Portal ID and password click here to login to Lawson Portal.